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Greetings from Germany
Hi there, 

I'm Gammelkasten, also known as MrK at some forums. Since I'm working as projectionist at one of the last analogue cinemas in germany I'm a big fan of analogue film, scanning prints and restoring unique versions of films. I've specialized myself in restoring old and german dubs of movies wich were misstreated by the major labels in the last years.

Looking forward to be a part of this community. Smile
Thanks given by: PDB
Welcome from and to Germany!

Just out of curiousity, where is the theatre you are working for located (just the city).
Few years ago, I checked, and saw that in Berlin was a theatre that also could have been booked for screening of personal 35mm films.

And having a print lying around that I shot years ago on ebay, I am just curious if there is ever a possibility to watch it at some day somehow. Big Grin
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Thanks given by: gammelkasten
(2024-06-28, 12:53 PM)MrBrown Wrote: Just out of curiousity, where is the theatre you are working for located (just the city).
We are the "KommKino" in Nuernberg. Smile https://kommkino.de/

Currently we are on summer break, but will be back in september with the "Filmarchäologen Symposium" where we show "lost pictures"; german prints which were only shown once in theatres back then at the premiere and have never been released/shown again since then. Smile

In august we play open air at the "Sommernachts Filmfestival" in Nürnberg: https://www.sommernachtfilmfestival.de/
But only digital there.
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Welcome! Very interesting activity you are running there!
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
Thanks given by: gammelkasten

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