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Frankenstein (1931) Audio Preservation
I just had a listen to the audio on the Dracula UHD. It sounds plenty hissy and noisy to me though I don't have the BD to compare.
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(2021-10-18, 05:40 AM)captainsolo Wrote: Dracula is the biggest example due to the complete de-hissing of the BD audio and the 1999 audio being the easiest to grab that is complete, uncut and hiss is intact.

Actually the 1999 audio of Dracula is missing the musical cue at the end of the Opera scene.
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Doh! that’ll teach me to post quickly before thinking. Indeed the opera cue is totally gone. I always forget that and remember the 2004 legacy dvd removing the restored death cries.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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Anyone still have the synced/fixed audio?
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