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[proposal] Mad Max: Fury Road - Black & Chrome recolored
Simple project: "recolor" the Black and Chrome version... why? Well, because it is not just the Color version desaturated:

It's just a matter of using the Black and Chrome luma with the Color chroma:

Quite easy, don't you think? A perfect project for PDB! Wink
Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon
Is the color pic untouched from the first BD? I really like the Black & Chrome luma + Color chroma.

Film Addict    
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Frankly I don't know; I've taken the pictures from screenshotcomparison.com...

Further tests are needed, because I like the B&W luma + Color chroma too!
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Looks awesome! Because of the specificity with which contrast seems to have been adjusted for the B&W edition, it should create really stunning visuals.
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Very interesting. The higher contrast makes it look like a release print.
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Oh yes please bring it on!
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I'm liking this... More pleaseSmile
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I don't own the black and chrome edition, but interestingly, just looking at caps-a-holic, rather than just increasing the contrast, it looks like they changed the grade even more to suit the format.
In the color version, night is represented by bright, blue light, with lights as yellow or orange. In the Black and Chrome edition, they made the night much darker. (Which makes sense.)
The second comparison is the most dramatic. Previously the scene had more uniform brightness, but now the frame is much darker and vignetted, except for the brightened lamp.
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Thanks for the link Iguanaclerk!

Used just three images for the new comparison: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/194379

Note the first comparison; look at the girls' lips; in the color version, they seems to have lipstick, while in the recolor one they seems not!!!
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Also The Mist has a b&w version, that is not the same as the desaturated color one:
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