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few movies on laserdisc but not on DVD (or BD)
I had some titles listed as such; after a quick research on dvdcompare, I reduced the list:

At Play In The Fields Of The Lord
Being Human
Case For Murder, A
Christopher Columbus: The Discovery
Deception (1993)
Diary Of A Hitman
Good Man In Africa, A
Hotel De Love
I'll Cry Tomorrow
Jane Eyre (1996)
Kansas City
Lightning Jack
Little Darlings
My Foolish Heart
Night We Never Met, The
Paradise (1991)
Public Eye
Rich And Famous
Seductiony Of Joe Tynan, The
Some Mothers's Son
Wedding In Galilee

Just curious to know if some of the left ones have effectively a DVD or BD release and, if not, a web download or DTV/HDTV recording exist.
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Some quick google searching shows that all of these have a a DVD, bluray or digital release except for "A Case For Murder," which is a made-for-tv movie.
Thanks given by: spoRv
Thanks for the input! Ok
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