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Problem authoring with EasyBD Lite
I'm using EasyBD Lite 1.1 that is now available again from dvd-logic website.
When I compile the BD I get this error:

MUXER ERROR: Error in mes file "c:\users\AppData\Roaming\DVDlogic\Muxer\c1\c1e933f08b40de0899b4332efc2c12b8.mes" field with name "ChannelAssign" not exist.

and the compiling stops. Any idea what could be causing it?

When I open that file with notepad this is what it contains


I emailed support and they said they don't give any help for the freeware version.

I tested tsMuxer to create a BR iso and that works perfectly (on the PC) but doesn't allow me to create any playlist (and for some reason it won't create chapters from timecode either)
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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I think tsMuxer can use chapter stops from an MKV file or they can be input manually.
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I did input them manually but they just never worked, unless I made a mistake with their format. Other people had similar problems but didn't find any solution online, I was thinking to try a chapter file generator to mux in but if I can avoid tsMuxer all together it would be best since I want to make a playlist and it doesn't look possible with tsMuxer. It served just to make sure that my files were ok for BR authoring. I think EasyBD is introducing some error but there is no online help to compare with others or even ask
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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Sorry to be not of any help here... hope someone who can solve the problem will chime in soon!
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I followed Chewtabacca's suggestion and did a test. I removed all audio tracks and it compiles without a single error. So the problem is indeed in the audio tracks. Is there anything in the PCM wave file that could "upset" an authoring program?
It seems like EasyBD also has problems with chapters since it never created them and yet I formatted them as required by the program.

I also don't like that EasyBD writes a couple of hundreds MB each time in temp files somewhere on C:\ (which is an SSD) and does not even delete them afterwards.

I think I'm gonna have to look at "payware" software
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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I'll give it a try once again, at least until you could author a proper BD.

I downloaded their complete versions as trial once, but I deleted them shortly after, because they are too difficult to understand, in particular for menus... MultiAVCHD is simple in comparison!
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.wav files are technically limited to 2GB. Try saving it as .pcm or .mka and then importing it. If there's still no luck you could try ffdcaenc (use bitrate 1509.75 kbps) to make a .dts file that should be imperceptibly different to the raw .wav file.
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