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lossless codecs problem
I'm "back in business" in the last few days; trying to encode some pending projects, I had a lot of troubles - encoding crashes, stops at different frames etc.

I strongly suspect Lagarith is guilty; in particular, using more than one istance could be the problem... for example, I tried to save a project with it, using two sources encoded with the same codec - so, two Lagarith in, one Lagarith out... and it stops everytime; also, two Lagarith in, one X264 out do the same... trying to solve the problem saving those with other codecs - the LD with Huffyuv, the HD-DVD with MagicYUV, then I will try to encode the final project both in Lagarith and X264, and see what will happen - if Lagarith will fail, the problem lies in the codec itself, if also X264 will fail, problem is somewhere else, but where?

Let's wait until the final encoding...
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I tend to use UT Video these days.  But I doubt that Lagarith itself is causing what you're describing. Have you checked your RAM?
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Maybe it's innocent... I tried to encode different projects in Lagarity, MagicYUV, X264, both from VirtualDub and X264 itself, and they stuck everytime, at different frames...

About RAM: any suspect? Should I pick'em out and reinsert'em, maybe change their placement?
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For RAM, I was thinking more of running MemTest or some such.

What filters are you using in your project? I'd be more inclined to look to one of them rather than the codec for the cause of the problem.  Uncomment each one in turn, and see if your render completes.
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Too many avisynth scripts to check... if I turn off each one to test which is the cause, it will take literally months... because, if I render small parts, no problems, but encoding stops only when I try to render the whole project!
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Andrea, you can't be using that many filters in a single script. Get one problematic script working, and take it from there.
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The fact is, you know, even some "basic" filter has many dependencies and calling to other avsi and dll script...

IIRC, once I had the same problem, and the guilty was setmemorymax... I'll try to leave it out, and see what happens.
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(2016-11-07, 08:04 PM)spoRv Wrote: The fact is, you know, even some "basic" filter has many dependencies and calling to other avsi and dll script...

I know, but all you need to do is uncomment each one in turn in a single script, like this:


I didn't mean that you have to uninstall the filters. It shouldn't take very long at all.
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