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Problem burning 50GB BD-R discs
I've encountered a problem, as the thread title says, and I don't know what to do... Sad
First of all, I have this BD-Rom

I was able to burn mkv films in 25GB BD-R discs, just fine. (about 10 of them).
Now, I'm trying to burn bigger mkv files in 50GB discs and it fails. (I have purchased Verbatim BD-Rs)
I've used both Nero and ImgBurn.
The results:

Nero - 6x speed - burn unsuccessful
Nero - 4x speed - burn successful, data verification failed (of course the movie wouldn't play)
ImgBurn - 2x speed - burn successful, data verification failed

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I really would need the hard disc space, by burning these large mkv files.
(I want to burn other data too, but I haven't tried)
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Could be the USB enclosure. I encounter weird behavior with my BD drive in a sata to USB enclosure that I didn't have when it was installed internally.
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My last pack of Verbatim BD-R DLs gave me a lot of coasters. After a failed burn, I'd turn the disk over and see bubbles that weren't there previously.
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The best Verbatim dual layers are the imported orange 50 pack. The thing is, they've dried up in the past year (like a lot of other things). I'm not sure there is a reasonably good replacement.
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I use these:
Verbatim 43746 BD-R DL 50GB 6x - 10 Pack Spindle

At last, after 3 failed attempts, I managed to burn one without problems.
I used Nero 2021 (I had used Nero 2019 before), at 2x speed.
I'll see if I can burn some more.
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I think my current BD-R DL spindle is from Optical Quantum (tossed out the labels). No coasters. Got a fresh pack from RiDATA for when it runs out. Their single-layer BD-Rs are pretty good.
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For a few packs of those you could have a USB hard drive that holds more movies and no worries about burning problems or disc rot.
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Verbatim BDR-DL (CDC? ID) are crap.
Burned a lot of those and all went to shit.
Also the Mediarange (don't know the ID) BDR-DLs are useless. They burn, but when you play them almost every disc fails at the layer change.
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(2022-02-03, 03:38 PM)bronan Wrote: For a few packs of those you could have a USB hard drive that holds more movies and no worries about burning problems or disc rot.

This. Unless there's some specific thing you're trying to preserve for the long term then there's little reason to go with optical storage. Even then you're better off with tape.
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I had the same one. You're effed. These can't do dual layer due to the usb bottleneck.

I sold it, and solved the problem by adding an internal burner to my hackintosh (can work with PC too).

Changing the disc brand won't solve it. You have to burn BD-50 with internal burners.
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