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Saturn 3 VHS Preservation
Hey all,

I have captured an early VHS copy of Saturn 3. I know there is a Bluray that was released (Shout Factory?) but I know we have folks that enjoy the nostalgia of analog. If there is enough interest I'll upload the ISO to my Google Drive so folks can snag it.

Please let me know in this thread.

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I have the BD, which has stellar video, but the remixed audio is a little blah and sounds much better if synced from the DVD release. I'm wondering how your VHS audio would compare to it, since the DVD audio is encoded at 192kbps and I'm assuming your capture (even if "just" VHS) might be better - lossless capture, maybe? Wink
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I did a basic VHS to DVD Recorder, 256kbps on the audio.
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