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Highlander saga - different versions
I did some homeworks, and found the following info:


Interestingly, the US VHS contains two scenes that aren't featured in the uncut version; plus, in some scenes, there's a different dubbing.

US/France Theatrical cut - 110:47
European Theatrical cut - 116:18

Highlander 2

There are also almost 6 minutes of deleted scenes in the Director's Cut US DVD; I suspect those (all? some?) were in the British version, too.

The Quickening - AU DVD - 89:35 (PAL 86:00)
The Return (Theatrical) - DE DVD - 97:30 (PAL 93:36)
The Return (Theatrical) - IT DVD - 97:54 (PAL 94:00)
The Quickening - WS Bootleg Videotape of British version - 100:30
Director's Cut/Renegade - US DVD - 109:38

Highlander 3

The U.S. theatrical release was rated PG-13, and a slightly-longer R-rated Special Director's Cut was later released on home video with two sex scenes trimmed from the theatrical release restored. On top of this, additional violence was reinstated,

The Sorcerer - European Theatrical - 98:29 (94:33 PAL)
Final Dimension - Director's Cut - 98:45
Final Dimension - Special Director's Cut - 106:??

Surely there are much more to say about these - BD overall quality, color grading, audio mixes etc. so if some expert would chime in, I'll be very interested to learn some interesting things.
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The French and the US Versions of Highlander are not the same.

Also there are two different German DVD versions of Highlander 2. AFAIK the newer release is the old German Theatrical version, while the first release is more censored, compared to the Theatrical release, but I am not sure, regarding that.
Also I think I read that the DC and the renegade cut are not the same Version.

AFAIK the newer Highlander 3 Special Director's Cut US DVD is only the normal European Version, and differs almost only in special effects from the first US Director's Cut DVD. Only one scene is mentioned to be different, with a difference in running time of 1 second.
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Oops, forgot to mention the French/US differences!

It's interesting to note that even the German uncensored version is censored, at the end!

An insightful essay about Highlander 2 (apart the fact I'm pretty sure it's Connor and not Conner...): http://www.figmentfly.com/published/high...ticle.html
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(2017-02-15, 08:27 AM)spoRv Wrote: ...

It's interesting to note that even the German uncensored version is censored, at the end!

I think of it like some releasing company cutter with a big scissor yelling "Censored? THIS IS GERMANY!!!" and hacking and slashing his way through the movie Reels....
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
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There are also several versions of the further sequels.

Highlander Endgame:

Theatrical Cut
Producers Cut
Early Rough Cut

There is also a workprint, but that hasn't seen an official release.

Highlander the Source

Russian Cut
Us Cut
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Third is bad enough... Smile
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I remember that in France, the french dubbed print was different than the french subtitled prints!

I think the StudioCanal disc is the french dubbed version cut, not sure if the french subbed version was actually the american version, but it might have been.
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I've read about the Zeist fan edit on OT; it seems it has almost all the deleted scenes reinstated...
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If it was done "properly," then that Zeist fan edit might be a fun watch just to see all the "extra" footage...
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Highlander The Source exists in two different versions as well

And Highlander : The Search for Vengeance (anime)

Having a bit of a phase with this franchise so am collection all of the different cuts
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