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Brand new used PC finally found its way home - mine!
OK, someone maybe (who? dunno... I think anyone here knows this) don't know I needed badly a brand new used computer (yes, it's a wanted oximoron, and no, it's not a bad word).

The one I was after is this:

CPU: Intel Core i7 4770 3.4Ghz (3.9Ghz Turbo)
Liquid Cooler: Enermax Liqmax II 240
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z87 Socket 1150
RAM: 16GB DDR3 G.Skill Ripjawsz 2133Mhz
Video card: EVGA GTX 760 ACX 2GB
Hard Disk: Western Digital Velociraptor 600GB 10.000rpm
Power Supply: Inter-Tech Combat 750W
Case: Phanteks Enthoo Pro
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Price was initally set to 700€, drop to 550€, and today I'm proud to inform the forum that I grabbed it for "only" 520€...  Eek it includes all the original boxes, cables, small hardware etc. - the guy was a good teenager who used it for gaming, no overclock (or course, it's not a K after all!), keep everything in order, it seems really brand new!!! Now I need a new HDD... so, if someone would like to donate some bucks... Money

For now, it will stay unused in a corner for few days, waiting for the right place and furniture to put it in use.  Scorn So, I used it just few minutes at its original home, to test if it works well (it does); when operative, I'll write something more about its behaviour, speed etc. - and I'll need some help for configuration, and migration over a new, unexplored (for me) operating system, Windows 10 Pro - hope it will work perfectly with Avisynth and Virtualdub!

For the moment, all I can write is about its physical aspect and technical features - I did some researches before taking the decision, of course...

[Image: IMG_20170216_225246.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20170216_225224.jpg]

First, please forgive me for my enthusiasm, but I'm feeling like a little kid in an huge candy shop, just to let you have an idea! Happy

Case: well... first impression... it's HUGE, and I mean it... even to me, that think the HDL-X9 is a small laserdisc player... it's really big - that's why I need a proper place, I haven't take it in account. And it's very nice; not one of those strange, multicolor cases that you see around; it's all black, square, simple yet elegant. But when powered up, those red lights are really... well, nice? Yep, I love this big desktop computer! :hearts:

Plenty of space for additional hard disks - up to six! Big cooling fan - yep, BIG, I think more than 12cm/5in (EDIT: it is 20cm/8in!!!); if you'll leave your hand on the top for five minutes, you'll risk a frostbite, no kidding. Many slots for expansion cards; too. The only (small) missing thing is a PCI-X; so, I will be forced to use (one of my three) capture card with my actual PC - that will devoted maintly to capture purposes.

CPU: not the fastest in the world, but hey, it's the best I can afford, and it's not bad at all; at around 10000 passmark score, it's always about TEN times my actual desktop; and, even single thread score is almost FOUR times the actual one... all in all, I expect this i7 4770 (albeit not the K version) quad-core, 3.4GHz (3.9GHz turbo) to be at least four times faster than the PC I'm using right now... and, maybe, up to ten times in some occasion - like x264 encoding!

Motherboard: military grade components, high life caps, great air circulation; a top one!

Cooling system: can't say a "simple" CPU like this, with no overclock, should need it, but better have it than not - still, ready for an eventual upgrade to a 4790K overclocked to 5GHz!

Video card: more than what I need, perfect for any video task, ready for UHD - when/if I'll grab an UHD TV...

RAM: plenty of it, 16GB 2133MHz "should" be fast enough - in comparison to actual 533MHz...

Hard disk: an SSD is not, but at 10.000rpm is faster than any other usual magnetic disk, and should be more than adequate for any video encoding.

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro... don't know it, but at least I tried it few minutes, and seems more similar to my old Windows XP than previous Windows 8... we'll see!

That's all, for the moment...
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Congrats on the new purchase spoRv! Looks like you have a sweet rig, 10.000rpm hdd very cool. I never bought one of those faster hdds yet.
I'd say someones going to be crushing some projects soon. Wink

Film Addict    
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Congrats spoRv!
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Thanks guys, it was time... can't wait to set it up properly, and yes, few (well, a lot, really!) projects will be completed soon; still the one-week-upload-or-seed problem, but maybe I could find someone with a fast connection to help me to spread them!

To me, it's better than buying a brand new car (and a lot more cheaper)... I mean, yes, it's good to have a faster, nicer, more comfortable car, but it will not take you from A to B ten times faster than your old one - unless you had a NSU Prinz before, and a Lamborghini after, and no speed limits at all! Big Grin
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Thanks zoidberg, it is, indeed!

Now that I look at the pictures I posted, it seems they are taken from a sort of "red light showcase" found on some movies, with all these interesting... "things" inside Big Grin
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I understand the excitement. You'll love that CPU!
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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Thanks Evit! I'm sure of that - I'm still loving my 10yrs old Core 2 Duo E6300... so, probably, I'll be in love with this new CPU for the next five to ten years - without speaking about the case... it's really neat, but now I discovered the Thermaltake Level 10...
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Congrats mate. I had to upgrade a while back, after fanediting melted my VAIO's brain. Turned it into a wheezing overheating mess, which now won't even stay on long enough to boot windows.

I've got a similar setup to you, absolute beast and quiet as a mouse. Have fun!
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Thanks Booshman! Tell me more about speed improvement Vs the old one (what CPU had it?)

It's a coincidence that we got a Sony Vaio, and then a similar i7 quad core substitute? Big Grin

Well, I can't say anything bad about my VGX-XL computers; this one is ten years old, and still running well!
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