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[Released] Minority Report (2002) [Fundamental Collection™ #007]
Minority Report (2002) [Fundamental Collection™ #007]

[Image: MR_cover.jpg]

From the back cover: “The Blu-ray editions of “Minority Report” have a wonderful image, but colors are restored to natural palette, while the previous DVD edition use the ones from a bleach bypass print.

Kaminski’s most interesting trick was to desaturate and mute the film’s colors by employing a “bleach bypass” system. Normally in negative processing, the film emulsion is bleached. By skipping this step, the film ends up looking like a simultaneous color and black-&-white image, resulting in increased grain and contrast. Kaminski said, “The process pulled about 40 percent of the color out of the image, but we worked to get that back in by adding more color to the lights. Overall, the image has a bleached-out quality with deep shadows and blown highlights.”

We have used the same master of the DVD as color reference, and color regraded the 4K master to be as closest as possible to it, using our proprietary technique ColourMatch™.

As usual, this is a multilanguage edition, and include the following languages, encoded in 24bit DTS: English (full rate), French, German, Italian, Spanish (half rate); there are six subtitles tracks, five for the previous languages, plus the English SDH.”

Screenshot comparison: top Blu-ray, bottom Fundamental Collection

[Image: MR_043223.jpg]

[Image: MR_053945.jpg]

[Image: MR_108617.jpg]

[Image: MR_167651.jpg]

Technical data


Blu-ray (BD-25)


1080p High-Definition

widescreen 2.35:1 original aspect ratio

framerate 23.976fps

AVC encoded 17.5mpbs avg bitrate, 32mpbs max


DTS 5.1: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


Full: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish – SDH: English


4K master from original negative for main video;
HD master from bleach bypass print used as color reference

Release date: 2017-03-11

Covers and disc label:


Comparison "at a glance":


More info here: https://fanrestore.com/thread-1263.html
Thanks given by: Stamper , Atreyo , Inq81
Your really knocking these projects out left and right!

Film Addict    
Thanks given by:
Yep, absolutely! Big Grin

Just another one is encoding right now - first pass, second will still take two days!!! Eek
Others will follow soon; and, after the last connection drop in the latest days, I decided - finally - to abandon the old line and get a new fiber connection, so be prepared for more and more projects...
Thanks given by:
Excellent! Thanks for all of your hard work in putting this together! One question about the English audio track -- is it a lossy DTS track, or is it the DTS-HD MA track from the BD?
Thanks given by:
I decided to put just the DTS core, to retain more bitrate for the video; of course, it's in sync with the BD, so if someone would like to use its DTS-HD MA, a simple remux will do! Wink
Thanks given by: applesandrice
Nice work Ok
Thanks given by:
A new member lead me to a new (to me, at least) 1080p open matte version, that is really interesting.

Meanwhile, I stumbled across a 1080p letterbox HDTV version... I thought: "well, let's give it a try"... and that's was a little treasure: the same color grading found on DVD!

So, now it's possible to get an even better version, with almost perfect colors (still not perfect due to TV logo, but pretty much close to 100%)... if someone could be interested, of course!
Thanks given by:
Would you be able to use the new HDTV source to regrade the BD? That might be just the ticket! Big Grin
Thanks given by:
That's the plan...
Thanks given by: applesandrice
Just saw this on french TV, and this was the bleach bypass version in HD!
Thanks given by:

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