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Text Editing Glitch: BACKSPACE deleting
Sometimes ... with the cursor at the end of a word, I try to backspace (to remove & retype some text) -- but nothing happens. The cursor doesn't move and the text doesn't delete. However, I can SHIFT-BACKARROW to highlight the text and then type over it. This happens randomly (I never notice any leading events that consistently trigger it) and it doesn't happen often. After I work around it, backspacing behaves normally again.

To whoever, happy hunting.
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That's weird, never had this issue. Anyone can confirm? Sound like a problem on your end - browser maybe.
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I don't think so, as I've never had this happen anywhere else. Of course, that is not to rule out both ends contributing to the anomalous result. Here, I work it out . . .
[Image: blackboard.jpg]
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Another thing I just noticed (and so remembered) was with copy/cut-&-paste -- again, occasionally. While editing text and shuffling around phrases, I'll often start the copy (or cut) with the leading space. When pasting it elsewhere, the leading space is not pasted and I must manually type in one. I've noticed this anomaly at one other elsewhere, but that's it.

For what's it's worth, I'm using FireFox (only a few versions back from the present one; that shouldn't be significant as Mozilla is constantly releasing micro-upgrades). I'll grab a few more browsers to see how they fare (and report back their behavior).
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