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[In progress] Pirates of the Caribbean saga open matte
After Harry Potter, here you are another saga in open matte! Big Grin

Edit: 2017-10-31

  1. The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
    • BD 2.40:1 original aspect ratio
    • HDTV & WEBdl 1.78:1 open matte
  2. Dead Man's Chest (2006)
    • BD 2.40:1 original aspect ratio
    • HDTV 1.78:1 open matte
  3. At World's End (2007)
    • BD 2.40:1 original aspect ratio
    • HDTV & WEBdl 1.78:1 open matte
  4. On Stranger Tides (2011)
    • BD 2.40:1 original aspect ratio
    • HDTV 1.78:1 (moderately) open matte
  5. Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)
    • BD 2.40:1 original aspect ratio
    • WEBdl 1.78:1 open matte
Things to do:
  1. replace the Russian title with the English one, with the overlap technique - put the whole 2:40:1 over the center of the 1.78:1 open matte
  2. overlay both HDTV and WEBdl (for eps. 1 and 3) to get more details and less noise
  3. remove the residual HDTV logo
  4. deblock and clean ep. 2, as there is not known HDTV to overlay to it (EDIT: maybe there will be one soon...)
  5. add a grainplate, to increase perceive details and obtain a cinematic look - the WEBdl is too "clean"
  6. (optional) if it exists, and could be found, add ep. 4 to the project - actually I'm waiting to know it from one of our members thanks to two new members now POTC 4 is available! Ok
  7. add the usual five languages audio and subtitle tracks
That's it, I suppose. Tongue

Now, a French or German Spanish member with the BD versions are needed (EDIT: both languages seems to be present in both French and Spanish BDs)!

Preliminary test; top WEBdl, bottom WEBdl mixed with HDTV, then result overlaid with a 35mm grain plate.


Special thanks to babouin and OperatorIV for their help providing needed HDTV recordings, and to maksnew for POTC5 WEBdl
You will need both, a German and a French member. According to the covers the German BD for part 4 does not have French audio.
While the first three seem to be European standard... English, French, German, Italian... According to the covers.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
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Oops, I wrote German instead Spanish... too many languages and only one brain (half working)... Tongue

Going to correct it now!
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The fourth seem to have different set up... The German disc is not stated to have Italian audio...
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
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Let's wait for the news about it; can't say yet if it's open matte or not...
Thanks given by:
Just to be sure, I checked my BDs... this time covers say the truth: English uncompressed PCM (is there a compressed version? yep, but it's called ADPCM IIRC...) and DD, Italian and German DTS and DD; I think I'll convert to DTS also the English PCM, so there will be five DTS audio tracks at the end.

I was there, and I checked the deleted scenes, you know... well, let's start from the end; ep. 4 got only two brief scenes, for a total of about 2m30s, in 2.40:1; ep. 3 sadly can't find the extra disc Sad ep. 2 I got the extra disc, but there are no deleted scenes, at the contrary of some special editions in other countries... but let's talk about ep. 1: it has almost 20m of good quality - albeit SD MPEG-2 - scenes, and guess what? Almost all of them are 1.78:1, a perfect (eventual) match to the open matte version! The rest are divided between roughly 2.10:1 and 2.40:1 - in case, they would be cropped.

Now, if a subtitle genius would chime in and promise to help, I would seriously thinking about release a single language audio track, but I MUST include subs for all the usual languages; problem is, it would be a difficult task to insert the deleted scenes subs at the right place...
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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Cinematographic Process: Redcode RAW (4.5K) (5K) (source format) In this format there is no Open Matte for digital media (BD / DVD)
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Reading on the producer website, the resolution is 5120 x 2700 = 1.89:1 - technically not "full" open matte 1.78:1, but it could be always made cropping a bit the sides... am I wrong?
Thanks given by:
Perhaps the original shooting and there is an Open Matte frame, but I'll see it only in the IMAX movie
Thanks given by:
Indeed, I'm pretty sure there were NO open matte version for ep. 4, but, who knows? Big Grin

The only times we could be sure is when they used an anamorphic lens for 35mm.
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