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[Cancelled] Terminator 2 Theatrical Cut (4:3 Open Matte Upscale)
[Image: X8ppOnq.png]

Terminator 2 Theatrical Cut (Open Matte Upscale v1.0)

This project started out in my upscale project, of which you can see examples here:


I'm now spinning it off into it's own thread. Basically, the premise behind this is to preserve the increasing rarer open matte version of T2 and use various tools to make it more presentable in the HD era. Furthermore color grade the project to closely match the accumulated 35mm pics avaible throughout the net.

The open matte DVD was upscaled in Gigapixel AI and processed with filters to reduce macro-blocking and edge enhancement/halos. The resulting image was further processed and then re-grained with a real grain best matching the BD version. The video was then color corrected with a 35mm LUT(s) and color matched to some 35mm frames.

Audio: (Tentative)
1. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround (from the US widescreen LD 68952-2WS-CDS Mix)
2. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround (from the Japanese widescreen LD PILF-0001-CDS Mix?)
3. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround (from the Japanese SQZ widescreen LD PILF-2187-CDS Mix?)
4. PCM 2.0 Dolby Mono (from the Japanese SQZ widescreen LD PILF-2187)
5. Dolby Digital 5.1 (from the US Artisan DVD-CDS Mix)
6. DTS-HD MA 6.1 (from the 2015 BD-Rydstrom Remix)


2015 US BD via a couple subtracted and dupped frames


Temporary Pics
[Image: ZJ7kLjP.jpg]

[Image: KaSakiH.png]
[Image: nWIWbHT.png]

Is this the fullscreen version that has a slightly larger resolution and somewhat better quality (Like700-ish X 500-ish aspect ratio)? If so, I think it's funny that you're doing this, as I have this copy as well and if I had the time I would actually go the opposite route and make the color timing look more natural for every scene so that it looks more like the clips in the old trailers for the film:

[Image: img_20170514_103855.jpg]

Yeah, it's not Cameron's intentions, but this is just for fun for myself (among a million other things I wanna re-edit with the film). I first saw T2 in theaters at 7 years old (thanks, Dad) and a lot of things about the film always rubbed me the wrong way, including the color timing. Mostly because the first film doesn't do that (though with the constant bickering on various message boards concerning the "blanket teal" color timing the current blu-ray of T1 has, who the heck knows anymore, lol).
Thanks given by: nafroe
There's always someone to complicate everything LOL.

T2 is not supposed to look like the trailers, trailers had their own color timing.

Just restoring the original colors (ie no red blanket) already brings it up to the theatrical look.
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That blue is awesome. It really suits the film.
Thanks given by: PDB
(2020-02-25, 08:18 PM)Stamper Wrote: There's always someone to complicate everything LOL.

T2 is not supposed to look like the trailers, trailers had their own color timing.

Hence why I said "I know it's not Cameron's intentions. It's just for fun for myself".
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That would be a lot of work though!
Thanks given by:
Nice, looking forward to checking this out whenever it's ready!
Thanks given by: PDB
Looks great so far! Hoping a similar project is done for the Abyss fullscreen DVD as well one day
Thanks given by: PDB
(2020-02-26, 09:43 AM)Stamper Wrote: That would be a lot of work though!

Not if you're someone who knows how to do color correction (which unfortunately I don't). The real challenge is my real intentions for the film: Re-scoring it. I've never liked Fiedel's orchestral sound, and miss his synths from the first film. Well, thanks to synthwave, there's tons of music that not only sounds like the score to T1, but some songs are flat out homages to it (particularly, Power Glove's soundtrack to the videogame "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon"). So, aside from re-scoring the film and re-coloring it, I also wanna cut down on the film's preachy social issues/messages. The first film didn't do that, as it was able to get its social commentary out there to the audience without it turning into a PSA for the children that Cameron knew were gonna see it anyway ("You just can't go around killing people", "It is in your nature to destroy yourself", etc...) I already did a smaller edit of T2 about 10-11 years ago where I was able to trim the runtime from 137 minutes, to 119 without losing anything important. Now, I'm convinced I can get it down to somewhere between 110-115 minutes. But of course I need the time to learn those skills and of course actually put them to practice lol.
Thanks given by: Stamper
Great, so in essence, you want to de-KathrynBigelow it. LOL

For sure, Alien Nation has got more a Terminator 1 vibe than T2. Gale Ann Hurd loved B stuff.
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