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[Idea] video and inpainting
I think inpainting ranges from good to great when used on images, but it's not good with video, as there is no temporal filter (AFAIK) that help to average inpainted image between frames, hence result is "stuttering" somehow...

Still, I wanted to give it a try with a bit of help... got three different inpainted versions (Avisynth exinpaint and greycinpaint, plus Batch Inpaint), then median them with previous and next frame, and overlaid the usual 35mm grain plate to hide artefacts a bit more...

TFA deleted scene #1 - timecode removal test (no manual correction made)

far from perfect, still better than the timecoded version, isn't true?

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Could be highly useful for removing logos from HDTV captures, or some slight leftovers Wink
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If you don't mind me asking spoRv what grain plate do you use for your projects and at what average opacity. Using the Fine Clean Gorilla grain plate at the moment to test on the Top Gun location sequences to try and hide some of the compression artifacts of the low bitrate source and more closely match the AMZN one but not entirely happy with the results.
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That's pretty good, I don't see any traces of the supposed timecode. Though it's probably more apparent with a high quality encode.

You could also try to combine this with some temporal degrainers like MVDegrain3 or stuff like that. The flickering that can result from inpainting could be perhaps be thought of as grain in a very abstract way? I know it definitely helped in getting rid of some very rough compression artifacts.
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@X5gb: I really don't remember what grain plate I usually use Smile I got five "normal" ones, even if I end up using one "coarser" and another "finer" (surely one is Gorilla, but dunno which one!)
Soflight overlay at around 25% - you can also try to blur the plate.

@TomArrow: sadly there is no way (today) to "cover" inpainting problems - talking about avisynth here; there is a video inpaint method around, never used but at least there is one; maybe someone brave enough would test it! Wink
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Thanks spoRv, by Soflight I assume you mean Soft Light. I will give that a try but in the case of Top Gun I don't think only 25% opacity is going to be any where near enough considering how grainy that movie is and also I need to hide as much as possible the compression artifacts of the lesser source.
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Yeah, softlight overlay in avisynth! Smile

Well, percentage varies according to grain plate used, source, personal tastes etc.
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Found some inpaint techniques that could (hopefully) works with video as well:

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