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[Help] capturing The Golden Voyage of Sinbad German broadcast
I originally made this request on Original Trilogy, but spoRv convinced me to join FanRes.

The short background is that Sindbads gefährliche Abenteuer (German version of The Golden Voyage of Sinbad) seemed to have alternative footage than the standard Columbia home video releases.  Note the people's positions in the boat below (screenshots provided by barhar).

[Image: magvgz.jpg]

[Image: 4iha8l.jpg]

I communicated with Ernest Farino, the publisher of Ray Harryhausen: Master of Majicks books (http://archive-editions.com/), who had a 16mm of the film at one point regarding the different footages.  He mentioned that the Columbia DVD is the original take, not the German satellite TV.

I have been interested in this alternative footage since 2014.  I will also follow up Ernest Farino who is busy revising his books for a 2nd print and was unable to further pursue this himself.

Sky Cinema Nostalgie of Germany will be broadcasting Monday, September 11th at 14:20 - 16:05:

Are there any German members out there that might be able to record this?  I’m hoping it’ll have the alternative angle.

Thank you very much in advance!
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The images in the above post are redirecting to https for some reason and not displaying. I have added direct links to them:



Side-by-side difference original post
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frames are different in comparison
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It's an alternate take on the German broadcast.
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Are you still interested in this cap? I just checked: it will be broadcasted on christmas eve and the 7th of january again.
I can cap it if you want to.

I remember this movie as one of the first adventure movies I was allowed to watch at my grandparents house, 35 years ago. Video2000 tape deck, great memories  Big Grin
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It can be interesting if the German version would still have different takes/shots; but it seems they have replaced the old master with the new one: http://originaltrilogy.com/post/id/1116164

I'll cap it anyway, to see if there is a difference.
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Just checked the sky cap, it has the same shot as on the DVD.
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Thanks for keeping an eye for this film.

Incidentally if anyone wants the old German TV broadcast VHS recording, barhar uploaded it. Details at:
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