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[Help] (CANCELLED) The Warriors German Super 8 Scanning - Funding Assistance
A few years ago I purchased a German Super 8mm release The Warriors. I think the time has come to look into getting it scanned. This will be a professional scan not one of those all in one units you get off ebay.

The approx cost for the scan is going to be $320 so I'm asking if any members wish to donate. I say approx as I don't know exactly how long this will run for, it's 3 x 110m which I think comes to 23-26 minutes per reel so somewhere between 69 and 78 minutes long. If it was 80 minutes the scan cost would be $320.

The print has German sound and the scanner isn't able capture this (it can be done externally for extra cost) but I'm not sure how sought after that will be.

I'd plan on cleaning it up as much as possible and syncing up as many languages and subtitle tracks as possible. I've processed a scan one before so I have a little understanding of what I'm doing.

Please let me know if you would be happy to donate and if so how much - if you would prefer to keep it anonymous drop me a PM.

This is an example of the Super 8 set:


And these are some images from the actual print:

[Image: lBZnPoAl.jpg]
[Image: hMx23oYl.jpg]

Just to confirm the print is currently being looked after by another member who purchased it from Ebay German for me so I have not actually seen it, however I am told it was in extremely good condition.
Thanks given by: PDB , Valeyard
Those pics from the print are amazing looking!

I'm so happy to see you have color for the Warriors, especially since most 35mm prints would be beet red by now. Very cool and rare opportunity.
Thanks given by: alleycat
A full 400ft reel of super 8mm runs for 20mins at 24fps, however most of the marketing films digests never filled the reel, there is usually about 16-17mins per reel. One of their 3x400 mini features usually runs for approx 50mins, if they're on the thin polyester stock you can just about get the whole thing onto a 800ft spool.
Different labs were used for the digests and full features, unfortunately the lab which printed full features almost exclusively used 'fast fade' stock whereas the digest lab used a mix of fast and low fade, which is why some of the digests have held their colour so well
Thanks given by: alleycat
According to ofdb it's 46:14 Min long.

Super-8-Fassung mit drei Spulen zu jeweils ca. 110m Länge, Color, Tonfilm.

Bildformat 1,66:1 (Original 1,85:1)

Bestellnummer Teil 1: 1046 (Nacht der Gewalt)
Bestellnummer Teil 2: 1047 (Gejagt)
Bestellnummer Teil 3: 1048 (Auf Messers Schneide)

Gesamtlaufzeit: 46:14 Min.

Laufzeit handgestoppt auf Bauer T190ML Projektor.
Die angegebene Laufzeit kann je nach Projektor-Modell variieren.

      Reviews » The Warriors 3 x 400ft Marketing olour Sound
Thanks given by: alleycat
(2022-06-05, 02:10 PM)alleycat Wrote: This will be a professional scan not one of those all in one units you get off ebay.

If you're doing it with who I think you are, the scan will be about as good as you can possibly get from Super8. Tongue
Thanks given by: alleycat
Ok bad news. Like I say I have never seen the actual print so before we went any further I messaged the member who has it - checked the print and turns out it's as red as red can be. The ebay seller was clearly putting up a fake photo to hide the fact that it was red. I should have known, it didn't exactly look like a super 8 print from the images but I had to make a quick decision and was looking at it on my phone etc. Anyway the only saving grace is the all came to light before incurring any scanning costs. It was about 18 months ago so I guess it's well outside the ability to do anything via ebay - I'll see if I can get some of the money back selling it to a collector who never wants to watch it. Oh well.
Thanks given by:
Damn sorry to hear that alleycat.
Thanks given by: alleycat
Sad to hear.
Too late to get a refund, but at least give the scumbag a poor review in case he tries to scam anyone else.
Thanks given by: alleycat

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