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German Speakers Who Can Help With Translation?
Hi All,

Another project I have been working on for some time is the Norwegian Slasher Trilogy Fritt Vilt aka Cold Prey. Parts 1 and 3 are already done but I'm struggling a little with Part 2. There has never been English friendly extras. I've got a short making of and special effects documentary in Norwegian that I really want to get translated into English. 

These extras also appear on the German Blu Ray with hardcoded German subtitles so I've ripped these to srt (had to type in the German words one by one as the OCR wasn't accurate at all!) and used google translate to get them into English. 

Now google translate is an amazing tool but it's not 100% accurate. I wondered if there is any members who speak German who would be willing to take a look at the google translation and correct any obvious errors? 

In terms of 'payment' I can offer any of the projects I have done so far or have planned for the future, or anything from my extensive collection of workprints and TV Versions. 

Someone on another forum was helping me but life got in the way and now there is only one movie left to do I really would like to get it finished and released. 

Thanks all
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