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[Proposal] Cross of Iron (1977) grindhouse German theatrical print audio sync project
Only few days ago did I learn that there is a 2K scan of German theatrical print of Sam Peckinpah's Cross of Iron as a grindhouse bonus feature on Cross of Iron 2 (yeah, that exists) Blu-ray. Holy smokes. It's German dub only, as well as the main feature, the sequel. I searched the forum but haven't found anything on possible Cross of Iron LD audio captured. I would like to try to sync original English audio to this one, so if anyone has the LD audio captured and is willing to share, please let me know.

[Image: 00004-m2ts-00-00-26-0001.png]
[Image: 00004-m2ts-00-00-37-0002.png]
[Image: 00004-m2ts-00-00-59-0003.png]
[Image: 00004-m2ts-00-01-16-0004.png]
Thanks given by: stwd4nder2 , Hitcher , dvdmike , xwmario
Good luck, this is a great movie.
Thanks given by: Plissken1138
looks like this was never released on LD in the US. there's a copy on ebay for $28 shipped from japan though.
Thanks given by: Plissken1138
I'll be syncing the English LPCM from the Blu-ray to this, removing badly patched DVD frames, making it straight grindhouse. Won't be replacing DVD frames with Blu-ray frames.

It will most certainly be just a lossless video cut, original 25i video slowed down to 24i, with German audio matched.
I'm digging the colors of this scan so much more than flattened and greened out Blu-ray.

[Image: Cross-of-Iron-1.png] [Image: Cross-of-Iron-2.png] [Image: Cross-of-Iron-3.png] [Image: Cross-of-Iron-5.png] [Image: Cross-of-Iron-6.png]
[Image: Steiner-Das-Eiserne-Kreuz-1.png] [Image: Steiner-Das-Eiserne-Kreuz-2.png] [Image: Steiner-Das-Eiserne-Kreuz-3.png] [Image: Steiner-Das-Eiserne-Kreuz-5.png] [Image: Steiner-Das-Eiserne-Kreuz-6.png]
Thanks given by: Hitcher , stwd4nder2

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