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[Request] Jurassic Park 1 + 2 LD-DTS
Does anyone have the DTS LaserDisc of these movies and can please capture the audio?
I'd like to get the untouched audio files for some testing and syncing Smile

Thanks Big Grin
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Isn't it better deal to get DTS disc audio for Jurassic Park? It's included in 35mm scan available on MySpleen.
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That's Cinema DTS only. But what I want to try I need the untouched DTS WAVE files.
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You can convert that DTS to .wav files for use in your test.
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(2017-10-29, 08:34 PM)JetrellĀ Fo Wrote: You can convert that DTS to .wav files for use in your test.

No! Like I said before, I would need the untouched DTS capture for what i want to test.
Jurassic Park of course would be a very good subject to work on too Smile
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Hey guys. I'm new here. I'm seeing a lot of interest in the original audio track for Jurassic Park all over the internet right now. I'm also curious about another thing my best friend keeps mentioning.

Do you guys know if the special commentary tracks were only available on the LaserDisc release of Jurassic Park? Or if they have indeed all been transferred to BluRay/DVD?

Jurassic Park is going for DIRT CHEAP right now in its original LaserDisc release, and I would be willing to purchase one or two of those LaserDisc copiesĀ and mail them to your team if you're going to be working on a DTS restoration, and would be willing to provide me with a copy that has this original audio restored.

Any thoughts?
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