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Jurassic Park - All Sound Mixes
Jurassic Park seems to have had so many different mixes/releases over the years and I'd like to start compiling them all.  Currently, I have the Cinema DTS that I helped work on initially, a LaserDisc PCM mix (resampled at 48khz), the Blu-ray 7.1 mix, and stashed away in a box the Dolby Digital and DTS (corrected) US DVDs.  

Does anyone else have some of the following?

-LaserDisc LPCM bit perfect 44.1khz 16-bit (US and Japanese both?)
-LaserDisc Dolby AC3 (preferably raw capture)
-LaserDisc DTS (preferably raw capture)
-Japanese Superbit DVD

Thanks again!
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It's give and take, not just take
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I have the China R6 DVD somewhere which contains a DTS and DD track. It has a slightly different mix as discussed here:


Would that be of any interest to you?
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(2020-09-25, 08:42 PM)bendermac Wrote: It's give and take, not just take
Are you an admin or something
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(2020-09-25, 09:08 PM)ac3 Wrote: Are you an admin or something

I'm the Terminator. Cyberdyne System. Model 101.
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Is the suggestion that I've not contributed anything, because if so, that simply isn't true. I worked on the original DTS cinema rip of Jurassic Park and have helped others with a couple more like Mission Impossible.

I've got some ongoing DTS cinema projects like Fellowship of the Ring and Apollo 13 but have not quite refined them enough for general release, but I've never refused a favor for help when asked.

I don't mean to be rude, but I feel like I needed to set the record straight.
Thanks given by: ac3 , bendermac , SpookyDollhouse
Probably you remember my very old project based on laserdisc that had the DTS and PCM tracks; sadly I lost the capture in an HDD crash, and I have no way to get my laserdiscs and players for now, sadly... Sad
Thanks given by: borisanddoris
I don't have it but I can try to get a copy of the laserdisc for the PCM track sometime in the near future. I don't know about the cost of the DTS or AC-3 discs though.
Thanks given by: borisanddoris
I have the discs, a player and demodulator just no recording gear for the capture yet. It’s on the to do list.

I have hundreds of discs I’d like to capture, mostly the rarities like The Wall AC3 and dozens of DTS releases.
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There's also a DTS:X track now, on the UHD, I believe. And I seem to remember the 35mm release has the print Dolby stereo muxed in as an alternate to the original DTS.
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