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Do you watch italian movies?
Luna Nera - 2020 - 5/10
AKA - Black Moon

[Image: lunanera1_2020.jpg]

Reviews were lackluster, still I went ahead and started watching.
In rural Italy, probably 17th century, lesser nobles track down, torture and burn witches.
Usual reasons. Bad crops, stillbirths, dire weather. Blame women.
Smart looking series, period costumes, and sets are undermined by poor script and worse acting.
Acting ranges from melodramatic to amateurish.
To a soul, these are Italian stereotypes. Impulsive, loud, emotional, excitable.
Plot wise, we got witches. Striga. Instead of incantations and magic, we get icky grade school romance.
Our male hero, the Roma educated hope of his family, falls for the homely, neo-witch instead of his childhood flame who smolders with passion and wields a sword.

[Image: lunanera2_2020.jpg]

Guys may be shallow, but we are not blind.
Should you load this despite my piddling review, catch the last episode, especially the last half.
Ridiculous and fruity, wildly over the top and not in a good way.
[Image: HK.thumb.gif.f1c52fb44a30d26e740f0c31939a445d.gif]
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Romulus - 2020 - 6/10

Boldly imaginative take on the founders of Rome.
Note.  This is pre-Rome.  No coliseums, no columns.  Straw huts and animal skins.

[Image: Fn9SCCS.gif]

Straight off, I was baffled.  Who were these characters?  Plus, there were so many!
Not to worry, characters are drawn in broad strokes, and a fair percentage are killed early on.
After awhile, I was glad I stayed with this, as I perceived what the producers were doing.
Big points there.  The final episode, however, proved deeply unsatisfying to most.
Latin majors, rejoice!  Ten episodes, spoken in the Classical language!
[Image: HK.thumb.gif.f1c52fb44a30d26e740f0c31939a445d.gif]
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