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[Released] Breakdown (1997) Custom BD
I've put together what I call a 'watchable' HD version of Breakdown from a HDTV broadcast. The original file had heavy vertical aliasing baked into the master which I've mostly removed using nnedi3 in avisynth. Some moire remains buts it's the best that can be done considering the source. I then regrained the whole film using a custom RGB grain plate. 

The project is synced to the Region 1 DVD. The movie is 100% HD bar a logo in the end credits for which I upscaled the DVD in order to maintain DVD sync.

Release Format: MKV containing blu ray compliant x264, Average Bitrate 26Mb/s. File size 18.7GB

So far the project includes the following soundtracks:

PCM 2.0 and AC-3 5.1 from the US Laserdisc
AC-3 2.0/5.1 English, AC-3 2.0 French from the R1 US DVD

Included subtitles (MKV compatible only): English, Spanish, French

If anyone wishes to contribute additional audio tracks I ask that they are already synced to the R1 DVD.

Some screenshots:
[Image: vlcsnap-2018-02-22-20h12m31s067.jpg]
[Image: vlcsnap-2018-02-22-20h13m18s420.jpg]
[Image: vlcsnap-2018-02-22-20h13m44s749.jpg]
[Image: vlcsnap-2018-02-22-20h15m54s523.jpg]

Now available to active members of the forum. PM for links
Fantastic, Zoidberg. Sign me up
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Very nice job, zoidberg!
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I don't think i've ever seen this movie but from the trailer it looks pretty good.

Film Addict    
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Count me in bud Smile
Great work.
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Awesome yes better than T3
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YEEEESSSS!!!! Smile Thank you for taking this on! Great movie.
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Excellent work, thank you very much zoidberg!
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The files are uploaded now. I've sent the links to everyone who has posted and expressed interest. OP updated
Thanks given by: spoRv , PDB , applesandrice
I've scanned briefly the whole film, and it seems really nice, great job zoidberg! Ok
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