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[Released] Bandyta / Brute (1997)
Hey. I want to show you my project which is finished.
I bought DVD's then I ripped video from german DVD, polish DVD and France DVD.
Below screenshots of original image:
[Image: yfNmAN1.png]
[Image: BbHLPm8.png]
[Image: w0JKXUz.png]

Here is what I done:
-aspect ratio changed to 1.85:1 from 4:3
-60% dynamic scenes were upscaled by Topaz gigapixel AI, others less important upscaled using lanczos
-fully montage of france, german and polish edition (german one is different in montage so i had to put together) the same with audio
-color correction (the hardest was with france edition because it was completly 'orange')
-i removed the most visible damages of images (for example "black circles" -marks of the end of the acts)
and it looks like that
[Image: ZKTSb40.png]
[Image: wR9X41Y.png]
compare to france:
[Image: 36LKCGf.png]
after my remastering
[Image: 4dNkkvr.png]

In release is:
720p ai upscaled and edited video
2 audio: mastered to 5.1 640 kb/s original audio and 2.0 DD with polish reader
subtitles: polish (+ addon for reader)

Something what you can find on YT is not finished, just an project, also too much compressed by YT).
Thanks given by: spoRv
Dziękuję bardzo!
Thanks given by: matppp

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