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Star Wars Tosche station Restored
(2018-04-23, 02:53 AM)Booshman Wrote: Looks really cool. One tip I could offer is to add some minute film wobble. If you do a motion track on a static shot from a different scene and apply that motion to the clips you are creating, it will help to sell the illusion that still images were filmed. You could also add a little flicker to the image, so the colour values vary slightly frame to frame. It's something I've noticed editing the Superman films, which I guess as a result of being shot on film.
Thats interesting thanks for that
[Image: zURXXlx.png]
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while you guys wait for next update which im currently hard work on and is really giving me bad migraines.
here something i did before i started this…just for fun

[Image: zURXXlx.png]
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Nothing personal but I'm not a fan of the "molested" descriptor used here. Other than that, cool video.
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Here's my very quick restoration (only spent a day on it). There is quite a lot of temporal artifacting in some of the shots, with fine and not so fine details removed, so pixel peeping is not recommended. I added a thick layer of grain to help conceal these flaws (and make it blend better with 4K77 no DNR). When I have more time to work on it, I will try to restore the missing detail by overlaying this on top of the original in After Effects and using the eraser tool. In the meantime, here's what I have so far:

Thanks given by: stwd4nder2 , PDB , eldiablosuizo

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