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[No Longer Available] Predator Itunes Master (Quick Project)
[Image: eKa2BWc.jpg]

Project Info:

As reported here:


the iTunes 4K master of Predator has some grain intact unlike the Ultimate Hunter BD. And although it has less grain then the 2008 BD, the master seems to be a better scan (maybe the UH master before the grain was removed?). So this project will downscale the 4K stream (the iTunes master has no HDR) to 1080p and then run a deblock filter to offset this master's streaming origins.

This master also has a different color timing compared to the original 2008 BD (probably the UH color timing) and one that I like better. So for this project, no color correction is done.

For the audio I will add Jonno's sync of the LD's soundtrack and mux in the soundtracks from the 2008 BD.

Note: Project is in sync with the 2008 BD.

See post 30 for final MKV

iTunes 4K master of Predator streamed and downscaled to 1080p with a deblock filter added

1. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround mix from the widescreen LD
2. DD 4.0 mix from the 2008 BD
3. DTS 5.1 mix from the 2008 BD

MKV Pics (Final)
[Image: QQKFegv.jpg]

[Image: Erntmaw.jpg]

2008 BD/iTunes
[Image: 0xhAlx5.jpg]

Jonno - for his PCM LD sync
Doombot- for a test run
Wait, you are able to get a 4K from iTunes? How?
Thanks given by:
Yes please sir.
I was planning on watching this again sometime soon Smile
Thanks given by:
Great idea - I was wondering if this transfer would be any use. Looking forward to seeing the results!
Thanks given by:
Looks awesome!
Thanks given by:
Sounds great. Would you possibly consider making a release at the full 4K resolution as well as the 1080p downscale?
Thanks given by: dvdmike
(2018-05-30, 09:24 AM)Turisu Wrote: Sounds great. Would you possibly consider making a release at the full 4K resolution as well as the 1080p downscale?

I second that... now that I finally got "probably the best FALD LED UHD TV ever made", it would be nice to feed it with proper UHD material, and what's better than a fanres project?
Thanks given by: dvdmike
He doesn't have the 4k file only downscaled capture. So it was captured from the 4k stream but in 1080p. There will be a 4k BD release in August however, at least that's what i saw on Blu-ray.com.

Film Addict    
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Oooh I see. Thought you could download the 4K somehow.
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Yeah it's a stream cap so take that for what you will. I can cap 2160 but don't have the right HDCP stripper at the moment. So 1080p it is...
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