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Tool for processing LD DTS: "wav2dts"
I stumbled upon a useful tool for working with Laserdisc DTS streams over on the Doom9 forums, written by the amazing tebasuna51. https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p...ost1793642

The goal of the tool is to convert a dtswav file to a standard dts file, while also correcting the frame headers.  

The program was created to work with wav files sourced from DTS-CD rips. Since Laserdisc capture requires manually pressing record on the capture software, there tends to be superfluous samples/padding at the beginning and end of a recording/capture. Unfortunately, the software was unable to handle this padding, as DTS-CD rips don't have this specific issue.

Thankfully, the source code was shared along with the tool, and I have been able to update it to make it functional for LD DTS tracks. This tool is essentially an all-in-one. It takes care of converting a dtswav file to a standard dts file, and automatically corrects the DTS frame headers. This will take the place of DTS Parser and a hex editor for accomplishing these tasks. The only caveat to using this is that it cannot process recordings with more than 30 seconds of silence/junk before or after the DTS stream data. You may have to trim your wav file before using. *Updated to remove this restriction.

Usage: wav2dts <dtswav_filename>

I've also included a simple batch file for dragging-and-dropping multiple files.


Edit: Link update
Thanks given by: PDB , dwalkerdon , zoidberg

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