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DDVT Tool Mismatched Lengths?
Trying to inject DV rpu from DV iTunes Web-dl mp4 into HDR iTunes Web-dl mp4 (same movie/same provider) using DDVT Tool but getting Mismatched Lengths at the combine stage:

[Image: qBWptbG.jpg]

Is this normal or what am I doing wrong, both original files same size. Read re-compressed files can cause this but they are direct downloads in mp4 (video only). Also read about some DV files only having certain frames with DV but these are iTunes (same Amzn) and DV is included in all frames as far as I am aware.

Tried it with an another Dv and hdr movie and same thing.
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Tried using scripts directly with Dovi-tool.exe but still not injecting the dv properly and ending up with 25fps hevc file at end even though original is 23.976fps.

ffmpeg -i DV_WEB-DL.mp4 -c:v copy -vbsf hevc_mp4toannexb -f hevc - | dovi_tool -m 3 extract-rpu -

ffmpeg -i HDR_WEB-DL.mkv -c:v copy hdr.hevc

dovi_tool inject-rpu -i hdr.hevc --rpu-in RPU.bin -o output.hevc

Any help appreciated.
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I'd recommend asking on the GitHub page, you'll probably get a better response there.
Out of curiosity, why try to inject it into another a web-dl? Isn't the goal usually to give DV to higher bitrate bluray releases?
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I wish I could help but I still have trouble getting the tool to work.
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So I can make a hydrid DV/HDR fallback version similar to the web-dl that appear on trackers. The two films I wish to do this to are not on trackers at the moment. It should work with the above scripts as both films dv and hdr versions come from same provider but for whatever reason is not. Lost my account details for doom9 to ask on the DDVT tool thread but now created a new account and have to wait a week to post so thought I’d ask here.
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(2023-05-08, 06:19 PM)PDB Wrote: I wish I could help but I still have trouble getting the tool to work.

At least I’m not the only one. Hoping I get an answer on doom9 when I am free to post.
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I've injected a bunch of DV RPUs into HDR10 BDs, but I've been using DoVi_Scripts instead of DDVT. They both rely on dovi_tool, but DoVi_Scripts can automate a lot more. These tutorial videos should be able to get you started.

Length mismatch at the end of the file can be benign. It may just be that one of the video streams has some extra blank frames at the end.

To double-check, you need to compare the HDR10 and DV streams and make sure they align. I usually make a 5-minute sample of both videos, decode them in staxrip, and then compare frame number at scene cuts. If one of them has extra blank frames or logos at the beginning, then you'll need to run dovi_tool to shift the DV RPU first before injection.

Let me know if you have further questions.
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Hmm looking at it more closely: "Warning: mismatched lengths. video 189724, RPU 35789"

This looks wrong. A minor mismatch in length is sometimes expected, but this RPU is way too short. If this happens on all the titles you've tried, maybe your previous commands weren't extracting RPU properly. DoVi_Scripts really makes it easier by automating all of these.
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