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4 lost workprints recently found.
Hi everyone,
A few weeks ago I was able to obtain copies of 4 rare workprints that haven't been on the trading circuit in about 20 years. I have Holy Man, The Corruptor, A Simple Plan & Rounders. Now I am willing to trade them but only for what I'm after. I'm looking to trade for Crash and or whatever else that's been missing for years. I can be reached at moviecritic1990@gmail.com.

Here is my want list:

Apt Pupil
Body Shots
City By The Sea
Con Air
Disturbing Behaviour
Enemy of the State
The Faculty
The Fast and the Furious
Girl, Interupted
Heavy Metal 2000
Jackie Brown
Jakob The Liar
Knockaround Guys
Knock Off
Love, Honour, & Obey
Napoleon Dynamite
Patch Adams
Lost in Space
The Mask of Zorro
The Ninth Gate
The Replacement Killers
Sleepy Hollow
Sweet Home Alabama
The Wedding Singer

Thanks given by:

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