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[versions] Titanic (1997)
I remember something about different versions of Titanic:
HDTV 2.39:1 pre-2012
HDTV open matte pre-2012
HDTV 2.39:1 and/or 2.25:1 cut/TV versions
BD 2.39:1 post-2012
BD 3D open matte post-2012
Q2 extended edition 2.39:1 (using BD for TC and extended/deleted scenes)

Personally, I do not care about cut/TV versions, but I think it would be nice to have an extended edition that would use pre-2012 open matte HDTV as main source (eventually using YAO to conform to 2.39:1).

And, what's about color grading for all versions? Are the deleted scenes "tealized"?
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+1 on an extended Q2 Open Matte with 2.39:1 extended /deleted scene inserts (similar to marban King Kong 2005)
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There is an open matte HDTV of the original 1999 master I think. It could be good to sync it to all the original DVDs surround tracks (english & french) plus the LD.
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1999=pre-2012, I guess... Big Grin
Audio tracks: the more, the merrier! I should add that this is the only Fox title ever released on a PAL Italian LD.
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Actually there is :

- Master 1998 used on VHS, LD, first DVD
- Master 2006 used then on DVD
- Master 2012 used on BR, DVD.

I think there are some variations, master 2006 is on HDTV version, master 1998 is on HDTV open matte only.
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Really? Interesting!

Guess which are the differences between 1996 and 2006 (2012 has "fixed" shots "a-la Aliens" and a starfield replaced AFAIK)
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I assume the 1999 master has a strong magenta push, EE, and is rather crusty looking with dirt and debris like the non-anamorphic Paramount DVD.
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I only have the letterbox and P/S LD versions. I grabbed them since they were cheap and are without teal coloring and presumably the audio is more original.

Which is really ironic as I hate the film and haven't watched it since the 90000000 times I had to see it as a kid.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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another interesting fact is that Cameron did a lot of fixing with the 2012 transfer. visible FX goofs were digitally erased and some shots were altered (night sky for example had the wrong star constellation) as well.

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That is due to the 3D conversion. It makes no sense keeping mistakes in 3D since every element in the shot is cutout to create the depth. Why would you create depth on a goof that is not supposed to be in the shot. You just delete it. Same happened for T2 3D.
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