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HD version of old Dobermann (1997) master?
I remembered this older French movie yesterday. Dobermann from 1997. Never even got an English track.

Pretty stylish movie. Though, the Blu Ray colors look like crap. Just look at this mess:

I fantasized about regrading the Blu Ray to the DVD colors for a moment before I noticed that the highlights are hopelessly clipped on the Blu Ray.

Is anyone aware of an HDTV or something of that old master?
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Found this: https://www.prisma.de/tv-programm/tv-tip...nn,8134232

seems HDTV color grading is different from both BD and DVD.
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Hah, what is that site? TV program? Or are you just referring to the trailer on top there?

Thanks for looking.

Edit: I just started grabbing a DVD, but it actually doesn't look like the one on capsaholic, more like something in between the BD and DVD. Maybe there were different DVD grades too. Gotta check a few to make sure, I guess.
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It seems to be the broadcast site; it would be nice to get the recording!

About different DVD color grading: I have four DVDs of "Nirvana" from various countries, and the color grading is different in all of them!
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Hah. That's interesting. I guess I'll have to get the German DVD then. Should be doable since I live here. Smile I really love those colors. Then maybe do some super resolution stuff.

Yes, it'd be interesting to have such a recording.
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[Image: Dobermann_BD_FR.jpg]
[Image: Dobermann_SDTV.jpg]
[Image: Dobermann_DVD_DE.jpg]
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Just checked my PAL LD; it has the same color grading as the SDTV, which is the same as DVD FR, so from now on, I will mention only DVD FR.

DVD FR and BD FR colors are quite similar; DVD FR has clipped high levels, but white balance seems right; BD FR whites tend to blue most of the times, while sometimes tend to violet, and saturation is higher than DVD FR (maybe a bit too much; in some shots color are almost neon-like).

There is also a BD DE, don't know if it's the same as BD FR.

Note: there is also a fullscreen 1.33:1 version, with some image more on top and bottom, and a lot less on both sides; there should be also an open matte 1.78:1 somewhere...

top fullscreen, bottom widescreen:
[Image: Dobermann_ATV_vs_DTV.jpg]
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(2017-11-17, 03:34 AM)spoRv Wrote: ...

There is also a BD DE, don't know if it's the same as BD FR.
They use the same master... Both BDs are comparable at caps-a-holic.
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Ah, that explains things then. Then it's simply the DVD DE that I love.

I think the one I downloaded is the DVD FR, it looks just like your SDTV thing. The colors are cooler, but at least in the church scene it seems to me that the clipping of the whites is not as strong as on the Blu Ray. If an HDTV existed of that, it could thinkably be used as a base for color grading. Or maybe the DVD FR (if it has the same master) could be regraded to the DVD DE and then that pixel shift trick you posted could be done. Then again, other scenes like the dog outside the church do have very strong contrast, so maybe it's really only/mainly that one scene inside the church that has the milder highlights in the DVD versions.

The Blu Rays are the same from the capsaholic screenshots, as MrBrown says. Identical master, with ever so slightly different nuance in grading. The BD FR has a bit more detail from the screenshots and a higher bitrate.

Thanks for the research!
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Has anyone checked the blu ray to make sure the levels aren't incorrectly encoded (ie above 235)?
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