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[Help] Spawn (1997) Theatrical Cut
Just wondering if anyone knows (or even owns) a HD copy of the theatrical cut of Spawn (1997). I've seen one DVD in the wild that is the theatrical cut but everything else is the R rated version.

Was going to watch it with my boys so would prefer the tamer PG-13 version.
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Seems as if there is no BluRay release with the PG-13 Cut. There WAs an old German DVD, that sadly only had the german Audio.

There were some LaserDisc releases with the Theatrical Cut in UK and USA, but I did not find any further informations on any early Theatrical Cut DVD releases, besides the non english languaged version.

Amazon.com has two differemt VoD Versions, one labeles as PG-13, but also labeled as DC, while the other is rated R. Sadly they are not in prime included.

There seem to exist a UK DVD of the TC, but has almost same cover as UK DC DVD, and is quite hard to locate, because every offer of the DVD seems to use stock footage now, without real information.
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I just have a russian DVD. I think the theatrical cut was not released in HD anywhere
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Spawn 1997 Blu-ray 1080p AVC DD 5.1-NiP (thx HANSMER

Pretty crappy translation of a great comic.

What's even worse, this is the theatrical PG-13 version with all the violence, profanity and sexual references deleted from it.

I don't get why they release this on Blu-ray when there is an R-rated directors cut.

Oh, how I hate the american right-wing fanatics and their censorship. If americans don't want to watch violent or sexual content that's fine but don't ruin the fun for the rest of us who aren't so uptight.
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