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Cheap and quick LD capture method
A friend is loaning me a very rare LD this month and it suddenly dawned on me that it would be very helpful to at least do a capture of the PCM and ac3 tracks, and even more so to do a basic video capture as well. Does anyone have a cheap and simple suggestion on how to do so with only a regular desktop PC?
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From everything I've heard, there is no real easy way to do it. The basic gist of it though, I believe, is to play the laserdisc and record the outputted footage.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Yeah, you would need something with digital input for the PCM, and you'd need a demodulator for the AC3.
What disc is it, BTW? It's possible that someone else here also owns it.
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It's TWINE. The Japanese only late release white whale of my LD hobby.
A very, very kind follower is letting me review it for my youtube channel to go with my waaaay too detailed comparisons of every other release. But it was so unexpected and I only have so long before I have to send it back that it quickly dawned on me how great it would be to at least cap the audio though I'm sure it will be the same as the SE DVD.
I expect it to follow the way TND is in that the LD is incredible for the format, subtly better than the DVD master of the same source but the 5.1 will be identical to the original DVD release.
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If you can lay your hands on a standalone CD recorder with an optical input, you can capture the PCM that way. It's been my tried and true method for several years now.
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Well...after initial viewing and examination it is the same as the SE LD. A few tiny differences so far but that's down to format limitations and hardcoded japanese subs.
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