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[Idea] "Jaws" audio commentary to sync to Blu-ray
Hey, guys.

I found out about this commentary (https://www.podcastone.com/episode/The-R...ara-Knopic) by Mark Reilly from Collider and Dan Murrell from Screen Junkies, accompagnied with their significant others. I watched the movie on my media player with the commentary playing on my PC on the side, and I enjoyed their views on it. Both these guys, who have been part of my daily routine for movie news for years now, are massive fans of the movie: they comment on Spielberg's direction, John Williams' score, meaning of scenes, the mix of genres involved, the structure of the movie, the flawed audio remix and the pan & scan butchering the old home video releases, etc.

So, if any of you audio guys would give it a shot at downloading this commentary and trim the introduction to sync it to the Blu-ray, that would be a cool bonus. They give you a count when they start the movie and you can hear the movie sometimes to check on the sync, so I'm sure for someone with the know-how it will be very simple. They also comment beyond the end credits, so I don't know what could be done there-- either cut it out or let it and depending on the player, maybe it will stop or continue to play without video... I don't know.

Oh, and happy new year!
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I suppose I'll give it a shot. I'll get back to you sometime later today.


I managed to sync the audio and all that, I'm just adding it to the MKV file. After that, I just need a place to upload it.


I finished making the MKV file, but it may take overnight to upload it. I'll shoot you a message when it's up.

[Image: Jaws.png]

[Image: Jaws1.png]
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Thanks, Lucas. But why .mkv? Don't bother, just leave it as an audio track that anyone can mux into their own video, that'll do.
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(2019-01-01, 09:47 PM)Beber Wrote: Thanks, Lucas. But why .mkv? Don't bother, just leave it as an audio track that anyone can mux into their own video, that'll do.

Well too late lmao

I'll just upload the audio track now as well and send you the link to both in a bit. If anyone else is interested as well, just reply or shoot me a PM or something.


It's up!
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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Sounds interesting, gimme. Big Grin (Audio will do)
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I'm at my parents' house until Friday, so please keep the link alive until then. Thanks again, Lucas.
So what did you do for the beyond end credits part?
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I don't know these guys but I'm very curious, I'm also interested in the audio. Thanks!
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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(2019-01-02, 02:30 PM)Evit Wrote: I don't know these guys but I'm very curious, I'm also interested in the audio. Thanks!

Murrell is a critic and one of the guys behind the Honest Trailers series. Reilly is a writer and film pundit at Collider, he also has this podcast and an other called Rule of Two, about Star Wars.
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(2019-01-02, 12:09 PM)Beber Wrote: So what did you do for the beyond end credits part?

I just watched it. A perfectly fine sync job when muxed into my region B Blu-ray. I kind of wish you had cut out the very end just after the mention of the Star Wars crawl right before Dan says Robert Shaw, 'cause it stops abruptly on my media player, but apart from that, nice job. It's much more convenient and pleasing to listen to this track properly synced to the movie than listening to it on the side and trying to sync it on the fly.

A couple of information for those who don't know these guys:
- When they mention Kal, they're talking about Reilly's dog, named after Kal El, Reilly being a huge Superman fan.
- The Schmoedown they mention is a movie trivia game show they're a part of that's been on the Collider Videos YouTube channel for years and that will now be on the Schmoes Know channel.

- The Mark Ellis they're talking about is a stand up comedian, host of Collider Movie Talk and co-creator of the Movie Trivia Schmoedown in which he has competed under the nickname "Baby Carrots".
- When Reilly says "sweatiness" or "being sweaty", it's an homage to the late Jon Schnepp, who was the host of Collider Heroes and director of the documentary about the Tim Burton Superman movie that never got made, The Death of 'Superman Lives': what happened? He also was a well of knowledge about comic books and creator of some, hence the hosting of Heroes. Sadly he died of a stroke a week before San Diego Comic Con last summer. Now back to that term "sweatiness" Jon Schnepp made popular within the online movie news world: it's the nerdy knowledge you're passionate about that makes you sweaty of excitement when you talk about it, especially in the comic book realm which was his. Remember the comic book guy in The Simpsons? That's a sweaty.
Thanks given by: LucasGodzilla

I am currently taking down my upload of the Jaws Commentary sync in order to make room for other things!
If you want to get your hands on it, I suggest asking the other people on the thread here for it!
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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