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(Request) Jaws the Revenge (Japanese LD)
I'm told that the Japanese LD is the only disc that had digital sound. Does anyone happen to have it? I'm actually doing a reconstruction of the theatrical version and, although I know this isn't the theatrical version, I would hope that it would be more faithful than the 5.1 DVD/BD.

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The digital sound is confirmed here:


A search on Ebay found two listings, one of which is a "new" disc. Big Grin


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I was hoping someone here already had it. I don't need it that badly Wink
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if you can't get the Japanese LD, get the 2.0 Dolby Surround Mix from the DVD version.
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(2019-06-12, 11:38 PM)dwalkerdon Wrote: if you can't get the Japanese LD, get the 2.0 Dolby Surround Mix from the DVD version.

That's 192kbps. Would it really be better than the US laser?

I'm almost done with my edit and that 5.1 mix is pretty awful
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