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[Request] Taxi Driver - Final Shootout Regraded
The final shootout scene had to be desaturated in order to lessen the red of the blood and make it suitable for the Ratings board in the 70s.

There are some production stills online that give an idea of the actual colors during that scene. Interestingly enough the color grading of the Criterion Laserdisc looks quite a bit better than the DVD and the reds in the final shootout actually look red.

I think it's a shame the scene had to be messed with and I think with creative talent and robust programs it may be possible to change that scene.

Anyone interested in attempting to color grade the final shootout scene to more closely match the laser disc (and perhaps the production stills)?
Thanks given by: Stamper
If anyone is interested in this project. I'll do whatever I can to help, but I'm not sure I have the skills or technical know-how to do it myself.
Thanks given by:
I’ve got a rip of the CC laserdisc that Zoidberg did for me - happy to send you it if you want.
Thanks given by: Just Some Guy

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