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[Idea] The Shining (1980) - UAR regraded
I've got the occasion to capture the Italian laserdisc; sadly, it has the last few minutes of side A corrupted... apart that, it is open matte 1.33:1 (more or less); I've noted it has quite a lot more image on top, while missing on bottom (in comparison to DVD); and, no pink tennis ball; so, why don't make an UAR regraded version?


status: prealpha (I can't get rid of the blueish blanket on the left side of the laserdisc - yet, at least)


(note: I know that I have at least another project to make right now, indeed this would eventually start later)
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Is "All Work and No Play..." in Italian? I know multiple language versions of Jack's manuscript were shot, but only the early pre-DVD video editions seem to have them.

You can see quite a lot more in a 35mm unmatted print. Wink
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Isn't there an iTunes version out there that is already fully open matte as well? I imagine it would look a bit sharper than the laserdisc. Or is it the same as the DVD?
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there is open matte of international cut, but it's quite bitrate starved at less than 5GB for 1080p. seems the framing is the same as dvd.

here's a frame from the same comparison scene:

[Image: aXjpGsI.jpg]
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(2019-04-17, 12:55 AM)SilverWook Wrote: Is "All Work and No Play..." in Italian? I know multiple language versions of Jack's manuscript were shot, but only the early pre-DVD video editions seem to have them.

Elaborate, please... it's almost 3am now, can't think so brightly...


35mm open matte: where I can get it?!? Wink

iTunes: frame size is smaller than DVD and LD
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[Image: YQ2gGZF.jpg]
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(2019-04-17, 03:06 AM)SilverWook Wrote: http://www.theoverlookhotel.com/post/599...ge-version


OK, got it... should check, but probably it's in Italian, as well as all the text, beginning and final credits.
At what minute - more or less?

(2019-04-17, 03:11 AM)SilverWook Wrote: [Image: YQ2gGZF.jpg]

I want it! Big Grin
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Great spoRv!
I'm still waiting to find a way to digitize my Italian Laserdisc. Let's hope this one has no damage.
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"Il mattino ha l'oro in bocca" is confirmed!

And... I guess the tennis ball should be yellow, don't you agree?

Top BD, bottom UAR:

[Image: the-shining-comparison-062097.jpg]


I've decided to leave the laserdisc out, because its quality is too low and does not blend well with the rest, and also I can't match colors perfectly...
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