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[Released] (No longer available) Batman 1989 35mmized
This looks wonderful. If anyone has a Blutopia invite, I would greatly appreciate it. I saw a 35mm print of Batman in 2014 for the 25th anniversary and it looks just like those screenshots.
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Just discovered this gem that YouTuber FT Depot uploaded to his amazing channel a couple of months ago. A 4K scan of the Teaser Trailer:


Such a shame OP TomArrow is banned. His efforts looked great! I hope he's still here under a new user name?
When this disc hits 8800 RPM, you're gonna see some serious shit.
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How can i get links for Batman 35mm? I was checking Blutopia place but i cant create account.
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This restoration looks absolutely amazing. I can't stand the 4k with all that teal colour. Would anyone be able to supply an invite to blutopia or myspleen so I could download this? I would be so grateful ☺️
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Does anyone know if this project is available anywhere other than blutopia or is anyone that still has it and to share?

Many thanks. 🙂
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Does anyone at least have the audio from the laserdisc synced to the UHD at least? Would love to have the theatrical mix back without the added sound effects
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