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The Hidden 1987 Lumivision Laserdisc
Did anyone ever see this theatrically? The blu seems very green and the LD seems faded. This one was going to be a quick isolated score and extras project but I'm thinking of adjusting the colour now, just not sure if either of these are accurate. It actually played at a festival near me recently but it was just the blu not a print. Anyone have a DVD?

[Image: 08s2ieV.png]

[Image: sQFyfvJ.png]

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(2020-03-29, 02:51 PM)alleycat Wrote: ghghhgh

I agree.

Sorry. Big Grin
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I got the Japanese DVD in storage if that helps
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Thanks Bigrob, I actually just managed to find a HDTV rip and that looks a lot better:

[Image: nVAHRP0.png]

But then again is according to bluray.com the blu ray is accurate:

For this 1080p, AVC-encoded Blu-ray from the Warner Archive Collection, an interpositive was scanned at 2K by Warner's Motion Picturing Imaging facility. MPI's color correction was guided by reference to an original answer print on low-fade stock, followed by WAC's customary cleanup to remove dirt, scratches and print damage. The resulting image won't be anyone's idea of gorgeous cinema, but it's faithful to the film's gritty aesthetic. As Sholder describes in his commentary, he and his team attempted to minimize the color blue, and while the resulting greenish tinge isn't pushed as far as in The Matrix, there's a sallow cast to many of the scenes, and flesh tones are often unnatural, especially in dim light. Still, the brighter color values in contrasting venues (e.g., a garish strip club and Beck's cheerful home) confirm that the relatively desaturated passages represent a deliberate choice by Sholder and his DP.
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There was a 35mm screening last autumn as part of a festival but I couldn't attend.

Working from an answer print doesn't mean the resulting grade will actually look anything like the answer print, just as close as they choose to make it. After all Criterion regularly use reference prints and they are some of the most teal releases.
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Thanks Zoidberg, think I'll give this one a regrade.
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