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Regular Show Uncensored Season 1 Episodes 1080p MKV AC3 2.0-crampedmisfit
Ok so... I took it upon myself to make perfect restorations (in HD) of the 3 infamous Regular Show Season 1 episodes that curse. These 3 episodes are The Power (episode 1), Free Cake (episode 5), and Meat Your Maker (episode 6). They originally aired only for a brief time uncensored and were never aired uncut again. The official Blu-ray was censored as well. What made this project even tougher to accomplish was the fact that the particular scenes that involved cursing were dubbed to "ticked" in stead of "pissed", but what was worse was the actual animation was changed as well to sync to "ticked". Their mouths were changed to match the censored words is basically what I'm saying. So, Here I present to you the original, Uncensored 3 episodes in full, glorious HD. Was a work of love and took a bit of playing around to per-fect all 3. These are now perfect and ready for the fans.

I used the official blu-rays as the base and the old original DVDs (I had to track these down and purchase them just for the audio Haha) for the uncensored AC3 audio (blu-rays only featured AC3 as an option anyway) and used rare WEB-DLs as the video source to replace the brief cursing scenes in HD. I also used smart rendering to make these as lossless as possible.

List of fixes:

Episode 1 - The Power: Rigby says "How in the H are we gonna fix this S?!" (1:48) and then Rigby says "But he's gonna be pissed!" (7:38)

Episode 5 - Free Cake: Mordecai says "Benson's gonna get pissed so we shouldn't" (5:30)

Episode 6 - Meat Your Maker: Mordecai says "You pissed me off..." (2:21)

Here is a video guide I made to show the Blu-ray censorship and then my fixes:


***Anyone interested in these fixes can PM me.***
Great work.
Thanks given by: crampedmisfit1990
Big Grin 
This looks awesome! I remember watching on premiere and seeing the uncensored version. I'd love to PM you about your project but for some reason I cannot seem to message anyone on the forum, even the admins to see what's going on with my account.
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These look great! Unfortunately, it wouldn't let me PM you, but I was wondering if you still had these fixes?
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(2021-04-23, 01:14 AM)IChugLemonJuice Wrote: These look great! Unfortunately, it wouldn't let me PM you, but I was wondering if you still had these fixes?

New users can't PM, they have to start getting involved first.

Also, please read the rules, especially #11.
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Yep, can't PM, but I would love to have these fixes.
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(2024-02-15, 04:52 PM)GoldenSon Wrote: Yep, can't PM, but I would love to have these fixes.

As above, read the rules, this is a discussion site, not a sharing site, get involved.
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