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Newbie Question about DVD DTS
So I've got the Mad Max 5.1 DTS track from the Australian DVD - it is 1510 kbps. In order to sync it up to the 4k version it needs a delay at the start, PAL speedup reversal and a bit cutting off the end. I've done this through eac3to but noticed when going from old.dts to new.dts, eac3to converts it to .wavs first then converts the .wavs to .dts. 

I know .dts is lossy - so the question is am I better going to .wavs first with eac3to, then to DTS HD? Is the process of taking a .dts file and converting it to .wavs then back to .dts encoding a lossy file to a lossy format a second time - and will that make a huge difference to quality?

Obviously from a space point of view .dts is better than .dtshd - but as this track is unique i'd like to preserve it as best as I can. 

Hope that makes sense!

Thanks all
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Of course DTS (or AC3), as lossy format, would "lose" some quality when converted to any other format; still, I guess that DTS-wavs-DTSHD would be more or less the same of DTS-wavs-DTS; you have to decide the balance between quality and size.
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Old school full bitrate DTS from LD or DVD is pretty much the same size as the legacy core track inside hdma.
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