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What software to use for this quick/simple job?
Hey gang,

I've got a really simple project I wanna do but haven't done any video editing for years.

I want to take the main feature off a blu ray, trim the ending and then graft on the original extended ending that is available as an extra.

A/V stats are the same (1080p, ~24fps, LPCM).

Ultimately, I'd like to output the final product as an mkv with no re-encoding (although minimal re-encoding at the splice point would be tolerable).

Any suggestions for all-in-one free or trial software with a minimal learning curve to do this? I already have both clips demuxed and ready to go.

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TMPGEnc Smart Renderer is what I would use for this, it's very reliable. Without reencoding no problem, however the streams must be compatible and its hard to say if they are beforehand. If they aren't, you can choose the main source to not reencode.
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VideoReDo has a trial and should be able to accomplish this task (quickly and simply).
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Thanks fellas!

I already had VideoReDo installed but it wouldn't import my files so I gave TMPGEnc a go and had success. 0 frames re-rendered.

I might see what options I can add (subs, chapters) and then offer to share this mystery project here to anyone that's interested.

Thanks again!
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