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Video editing software
What software do you guys use to edit and render your videos?
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Whatever gets me the results I need. Adobe Premiere, After Effects, AVISynth(+), Avidemux, VirtualDub, tsMuxer, ffmpeg (a lot for transcoding/applying LUTs/piping into x264 etc), Audition and Sound Forge for audio work, sometimes some Photoshop and probably a handful of tools I only used single times.
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VideoRedo, Premiere with numerous plug ins including FilmConvert and Bullet, Ts Doctor, Tsmuxer.
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Ive always been an Adobe guy. With TMPGenc Video Master Works for Transcoding/Encoding and as the front end for Avisynth.
I would really like to check out DaVinci Resolve when I get the time as it looks superb, especially now with the Audio mixing options Smile

What have you been using Frank T?
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Mainly Adobe Premiere and After Effects - with a hint of Avisynth.
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