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[In progress] Barry Lyndon - German Version
[Image: h9ze6S2.jpg]

An acquaintance has asked me to check the possibility of restoration of Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon. As with all of Kubrick's movies prior to Full Metal Jacket, the German theatrical version featured fully localized titles and intertitles.

The DVD/BluRay only contains the original English credits / intertitles. Therefore, I decided to give it an evaluation, what can be done.
Thanks given by: ReconWorld
Well, for the start, the amount of work to be done.

- The VHS rip done by that very acquaintance. Alas, Kubrick movies were never released in Germany on LD (at least, this one)
- Warner BluRay - source for German 5.1 audio. Alas, the VHS mono is of suboptimal quality.
- Criterion BluRay (image and 5.1 audio - would murder for a copy of the 1.0 mono!)

The Warner copy checked earlier has the wrong WB logo. The Criterion indeed has the Warner Communications logo. Also, it has a better, more filmic picture quality.

The German VHS rip is too low-quality to be able to be used as a source. Any attempts to get those darnded German titles to look like anything but smeary blotches have failed. On the other hand, it will be a helpful guidance for the placement, the look and the timing of the German titles...

...which are to be recreated from scratch.
[Image: JCjhKrn.jpg]
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Here are the examples of the German tape:

[Image: yD4MyQK.png]

[Image: LDe1cNS.png]
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First example is written/drawn by hand and the second used font-type it looks like, so that first one's going to be a bit of a pain for you to reproduce 100%-ish Sad ...unless you just use the font-type approach on both and do away with the fiddly accuracy on the first.

Whatchya thinkin' you're gonna do?
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I am already doing it. Wink More info coming later.
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This font exist already (official font as Kubrick used), I forgot the name, but you can find it out with whatthefont. Just upload a screenshot of the actual credits.
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(2020-11-21, 05:51 PM)Stamper Wrote: This font exist already (official font as Kubrick used), I forgot the name, but you can find it out with whatthefont. Just upload a screenshot of the actual credits.

Link, or it didn't happen.   Wink
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I'm following the thread with interest, even if I'm not German Big Grin
In Italy we also had a localized version that disappeared once the DVDs arrived. Sad
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
Thanks given by: TheHutt
Yeah, Kubrick was known for doing extensive localization for different languages. For "The Shining", he actually shot pages of the manuscript in several languages.

Anyhow, here be the first recreated title:

[Image: Gh7NKKw.jpg]
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And another one.

[Image: zdNaJ0p.jpg]
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