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How to rip UHD audio for comparison
I usually rip BD audio for comparing tracks or listening to commentaries on the go but can’t figure out a solid way to do the same for UHDs. There’s one I’d really like to compare the audio against older releases in a sound editor but I have no way of capturing the audio because it’s lossless multichannel. Is there a good solution just for capturing hdmi audio directly?
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(2023-10-11, 07:59 AM)captainsolo Wrote: Is there a good solution just for capturing hdmi audio directly?

Are you not using a flashed blu-ray drive to backup and/or make .mkvs of your discs? Extract the .mkv from the disc using Makemkv or DGDemux and then use something like eac3to to extract the audio tracks you want. This works for DVDs/blu-rays/UHDs. Eac3to can also downmix 5.1 to 2.0 and change from 25/24fps to 23.976 and some other stuff.
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Yeah, if your drive supports it you can just rip UHDs the same as BDs. The best place to check for info on what drives are supported is the MakeMKV forums.
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You may also want to see if a cheaper drive is available on Amazon Japan, I got a model last year that was only about $50 shipped (sold out now unfortunately) that appeared to have an encrypted firmware at first but it worked with UHDs just fine once I sideloaded another drive's firmware.
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Yeah I really need to get a drive that works but after reading the info about flashing being iffy and having to find certain models I tried to wait it out a bit more.
Then along comes Mask of the Phantasm where they did some stuff in remastering the audio and I’m like: I neeeeeeed to compare this to my other captures!
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the manufacturers seem to be actively trying to keep people from flashing the drives, so might be a better idea to get one now rather than later. You can probably return it if it can't be flashed as long as you buy from Amazon, etc.
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I've got a Asus BW-16D1HT (I think a few on here have it) - works really well
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(2023-10-11, 11:54 PM)alexpeden2000 Wrote: I've got a Asus BW-16D1HT (I think a few on here have it) - works really well

I first picked up a slim LG slimline BU40N and it was excellent for all the UHDs I threw at it. But I've had multiple problems with it scratching the shit out of some regular blu-rays and especially DVDs so I picked up a BW-16D1HT and it's been perfect.

captainsolo, I actually found a BW-16D1HT, still in the box, at a thrift store a few weeks ago. I'd gladly send it your way for the $15 + shipping I paid for it.
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I have an LG WH16NS40, it works great but I had a hell of a time flashing it.
You can find pre-flashed drives here if you don't mind paying the premium.
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I bought this one over a year ago for UHD ripping and it's been great.  Not sure how easy it still is to find though.  The MakeMKV forum should have an up to date list of suitable drives though, and hopefully ones that don't require a flash.  Mine did not and it was total plug and play!

I will admit UHD ripping isn't for the faint of heart, and does often times have pitfalls.  But, once mastered, it's a joy to be able to add these to my NAS and replace all the crap audio they keep churning out!
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