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Poll: Which one of those projects should I begin with if there's any interest ?
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The Odyssey/L'Odyssée/L'Odissea (1968) Full TV version/edit
0 0%
The 3 little pigs (1933) Fully Uncensored and HD (with better audio elements)
1 100.00%
King Kong (1933) HD Censored version recreation for original release foreign dubs
0 0%
Total 1 vote(s) 100%
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[Idea] A several projects journey (Any interests in this ?)
Hi. I would like to start a several projects journey this year. Those projects have been thought over for years, mostly because of time needed to collects elements needed. But I want to know if anyone of those might be of any interest here on Fanres. Feel free to complete poll and add any question or commentary below. Here are some details on the projects I would like to tackle:

Project #1: The Odyssey/L'Odyssée/L'Odissea (1968) Franco Rossi

I've managed to collect both the german (with questionable recuts and edits) and Italian DVD (re-edited as a long movie) and download the French and Italian (RAI) TV versions from the TV distributors offering those online in VOD.

What I want to do: Use all the audio tracks and subtitles (including english) and re-edit all the sources to the original uncut TV format ("Relatively uncut" actually, since the original prologue is long gone since the 1970s from all the sources). Cleanining up the sources from any digiral artifacts (there are some, I think, but I could be wrong since it could be film grains). De-interlacing and 24ips pull down may be also in the cards (especially since it was all filmed on film stock). Stabilization and color correcting might also be in order and add bonus elements for a Fanres DVD release project (or Blu-ray, if upscaling techniques/workflows give good results). Recreating the original opening and end credits for the Italian and French version may also be considered as options.

More informations later.

Project #2; The three Little Pigs (1933) The uncensored, politically incorect version that the Mouse wants to bury (among other movies)

Ok. This one is and an overdone one. DVDs of the Jewish peddler exists (PAL image only), a japanese LD (that I'm still trying to track down) does have the full thing uncensored (audio & image) and also CDs (with a crappy audio quality) does exist. Some 16/35mm prints exists also with the audio intact (mostly european ones if I'm not mistaken).

I've been able to obtain some of those elements, including an official 1080p copy of the movie from a torrent tracker. What I would like to do:
-Take either the LD (NTSC), Pal DVD image (prints with the uncensored image are scarce) with the jewish pedler bits and do a 24 ips pull down and de-interlace those (also I'll have to remove all the unnecessary reapeating images created by the PAL/NTSC conversion). Then, Upscale it with Topaz AI (by making sure it doesn't mess anything on the image texture/grain), so I can seemlessly integrate the treated image to the 1080p image seemlessly. Another option would be upscaling the whole PAL image instead so it keeps it's integrity (if the 1st option fails)
-Clean up the audio (from the 16mm print) that include the Jew lines ("I'm giving free samples") and use it for either the jewish part or maybe the whole movie (depending on how well I can seemlessly blend it in with the restaured 1080p version). Another option, if the integration fails and difference is too jaring, I can also play with audio filters on both elements until I can find a middle ground so I can integrate them together seemlessly without compromizing the audio quality.

Of course, if better elements comes up, this'll be revisited.

Project #3 King Kong

This'll be quick and simple enough. Re-edit the movie (from the Blu-Ray) so it get closer to the censored version and then integrate the original 1st release french dub (only surviving in the censored film version). I've heard that maybe the original 1st release dubs of the italian and german may also have survived, but I haven't found them at all (yet) or any confirmation for that matter. I've only found the Italian re-release trailer on Youtube, for now. If there's anything else that can be added feel free to tell, I'm all ears and interested. I may consider adding a colored version as a potential bonus (Ewwwww !!!) for a DVD once the project is done.

There might be another project , but I still need to confirm with another user as I don't have amme the source elements and part of the work is already done by him anyway. So let's consider this as a mystery project to be confirmed.

There you have it all (in a shortened version). If there's any interests in one of those, which one would you chose (and why) ? Please complete the poll and if you want to elaborate or want to know more about any of these, feel free to ask below. Contributors and helps are also welcome.
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