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Forbidden Zone and Animatrix potential projects
Hey good people of this forum. I am bouncing 2 ideas in my head, and am generally interested how more enthusiastic of you would approach this.

- I am thinking in near future to start a project of extending the Forbidden Zone as that is one of my favorite movies, of all times. I would use the colorised version of this movie, as that is the one I saw first, and think the movie is even more crazy in colour than black and white. However, the deleted scenes are in black and white, so I would either use them in as is form, or would attempt (and probably fail) to colorise them to match. What do you think? Is there any particular tool you would use for this, or how would you approach it?

- The 2nd idea was about somehow integrating Animatrix into main Matrix trilogy, in chronological order, or any other way, that makes sense. Kind of like having a Kill Bill anime moment in the middle of the movie or some such. It's fun for me to think about it. How would you approach it, and where would you place these segments, assuming your are adventurous enough to see it as a good addition?

Thanks, for any opinion that could help with this.
Thanks given by: eldiablosuizo

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