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Poll: Would you like to have a ZS extended cut?
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Sure, the longer, the better
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Maybe, but I'd omit the "funny" pieces
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Absolutely not!
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[Proposal] Zack Snyder's Justice League - extended cut
Yes, after I've seen ZSC, I'd just erase TC from the radar.

But, as I like longer versions, a ZSC+bit&pieces from the TC cut would be, nevertheless, a fun experiment?

So, for a possible ZS extended cut, personally I'd do the following:
  • retain all ZSC shots
  • change the music of Aquaman on the pier (MANDATORY, IMHO)
  • add the initial Superman footage
  • add the initial Batman Vs thief scene
  • add the Berry entrance in the prison scene
  • add the¬†attendant and Victor's father scene
  • extend the Bruce and Arthur meeting
  • extend the Bruce and Berry meeting with the "brunch"
  • extend the Berry and Victor digging hole scene
  • extend the scene of Lois and Clarke at his home
  • add the Superman and Flash post credit scene
  • add few shots here and there - yes, some funny moments were, well, funny?
  • MAYBE change the scene where the league decide to resurrect Superman
  • (and subsequently the scene of Bruce and Diana when she notes his wounds)
  • IF there are some shots with bigger frame on the TC, replace them
What do you think?
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Will be great, if will somebody make release with a 1.9:1 aspect by using the AutoOverlay or similar plugin and using Theatrical Cut for matching the scenes, because as I see on many resources - some people didn't like to watch on 1.43:1 aspect
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I think it's unnecessary. The TC should just be forgotten.

However I think there's some validity for the existence of a super cut - a cut that has absolutely all the scenes in it, just for the sake of it. Not that it would be fun to watch - especially since you'd have to either leave black bars or cut off something from the beautiful 4:3 version. But I suppose it's inevitable for something like that to exist as a curiosity.

As a variation of that, what might be interesting would be a cut that does both cuts side by side - leaving the TC black if it has no corresponding scene.

Or maybe one could combine scenes from the TC and Snyder Cut in a deliberate attempt to make a ridiculous fanedit, like those fanedits that try to make Star Wars ridiculous. Combining different shots from different reshoots to get new ridiculous meanings...

But ultimately .... the Joss cut just belongs in the trash bin. It is utter sh*t. It's not even worthy of being called "the worse version". It's the film equivalent of a badly written fan fiction and has nothing to do with the actual movie.
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The few shots that are in the TC and not in the ZSC were not that bad IMHO. The bad thing was the too tight edit - where he condensed, let's say a 5m scene in 2m, compressing a suitable scene in a WTF? scene.

Not to defend Joss Whedon, but he's (was?) a good director - Buffy, Angel, Firefly, they were not that bad - and maybe (and, I repeat, *MAYBE*) it was the only way to compress a 4h movie into a 2h one; that, of course, does not mean the TC is horrible in comparison to ZSC, and also without comparison at all!

OK, back to a possible extended cut: maksnew found (in another thread) that some shots are cropped - example:
[Image: 08549013ec040d4d700e25d2cc89ea4e.jpg]

so, a "get the biggest frame" version is indeed feasible IF the cropped shots are the same length in both cuts...
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(2021-03-20, 11:39 AM)TomArrow Wrote: what might be interesting would be a cut that does both cuts side by side - leaving the TC black if it has no corresponding scene. 

Indeed! Too lazy to do such as itself, but could be possible as a byproduct of an extended cut - nevertheless, a pain in the... neck! Big Grin
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A "biggest shot of each" version would be acceptable. With the TC color matched to the SC Smile
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You can't do overlay because the background CGI is completely different on hundreds of shots.
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Even though the vast majority of the original Justice League footage (and most of it's CG FX sequences, which accounted for a huge bulk of the film) was 1.37, it's common for things like digital composites and CG VFX to be rendered and finished aprox to the theatrical ratio and require cropping for a version in a more narrow ratio. As for the cropping in some shots, it's possible some of that footage came from unused/alternate shots from MOS, BVS, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman, which were shot/rendered at 1.78 or even 2:40.
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As there are two regrading projects (for the moment), I can't deny to attempt one, too! Wink

WARNING! Not based on any reference, just applied one of my own regrading scripts with default settings.

untouched (top) / regraded (bottom)

[Image: 8959f42d-5a19-4b76-a9e4-a570b5079198.png]

[Image: 8b4dca7c-7c00-4024-9fcf-1e535311320f.png]

comparison: https://imgsli.com/NDYyNjg
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