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[Request] Year of the Dragon (1985) - Stereo
Does anyone have the LD PCM stereo?

Failing that, how about the Aus or Euro Blu-rays? The US Warner Archive contains only the 5.1 which is based on the 70mm 6-track mix along with mono surrounds.

Just nice to have the 35mm mix too.
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its strange that they didnt even put the 2.0 theatrical mix on the 1st DVD release of this move back in 2005.
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I’ve got the LD but am still trying to work out my audio capture headaches. I’ve seen a 35mm print and yes the 5.1 is based around the 70mm Six track and sounds very similar to what is present on the LD.
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Year of the Dragon is Warner Bros in the US (part of the pre-1986 MGM catalog they got from Turner) and MGM/UA overseas (they control the catalog of distributor Cannon and some Dino di Laurentiis productions). Most US releases (as well as CapSolo's LD and Warner's DVD and HDTV/streaming master) are based on a 1035i master from a Turner owned IP, with the 70mm six track in ether a 2.0 surround or 5.1 container. The Warner Archive Blu uses a new 2/4k resto (from what seems to be the OCN) and uses the 70mm 6-track mix in DTS-MA 5.1. I'm not entirely positive if the 5.1 on the WA Blu is massively different from the 5.1 on Warner's DVD/HDTV/streams, in terms of dynamic range and whatever NR Warner did that is. I'm sure lossless sounds better overall, but you never know sometimes.

MGM's Euro DVD and HD masters are different. They seem to be based on an IP but have more prominent EE as well as leaning on the Brown/Magenta side. These probably have the 2.0 being the general release Dolby Stereo mix, but I heard MGM's own 5.1 mix is a off-pitched revisionist hack job and not an upmix of the DS nor based on Warner's 6-track element.
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