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[Released] The Shining - German Version Preservation
All requests please via PM. Smile
[Image: JCjhKrn.jpg]
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Actually, the Warner logo you used is not exactly the one originally included The Shining. In the latter, the word PRESENTS appears in a second moment (as you can see in the following video), while in your custom version it appears along with the rest of the text.

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Thanks for the info!
[Image: JCjhKrn.jpg]
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Das ist Zu geil!!! Hello everyone, i wanna say many you guys did amazing job. I was just reading in the past about the German typewriter scenes. Closest to have "german" it's the 2001 DVD from ebay. I can't wait to see the 4:3 version. I know I'm barely new hier, i wish i could discover this forum long time ago. Es Tut mir Leid
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